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Bio-Mass Furnace

We have installed the industry's first clean-burning Biomass furnace in Massachusetts. The furnace heats 80,000 square feet of the company's facility using sawdust and wood chip byproducts from the company's millwork and nearly eliminates the consumption of fossil fuel for heating. This unique heating system is doing its part to save the environment, save money and reduce dependence on foreign oil.

The furnace saves the company $15,000 per month in heating expenses and is expected to pay for itself in seven years. Since all the company's wood waste is used as fuel, it is not added to landfills, nor is there energy consumption (or expense) for hauling it away.

Sawdust is captured by the vacuum system and combined with ground up wood scraps and chips. These chips and particles are transported into large silos and then fed into the furnace as needed. We are proud to adopt an alternative energy approach and invest in new sustainable technology!

Why is the Biomass Furnace considered a "Green" Energy Source?
As a biofuel, wood is part of the above ground eco-system and is therefore carbon neutral. First, this means that unlike oil and gas (non-renewable fuel sources), biofuels do not rely on carbon that has been locked up in the earth for thousands of years. Secondly, the CO2 that is released into the atmosphere when biofuel is burned was taken out of the atmosphere previously by the trees that produced the wood. And other trees will continue to remove carbon through photosynthesis. When responsibly harvested, trees are part of the natural cycle as a renewable energy source, where carbon is removed and replaced in the environment within the same time span. Additionally, the Biomass Furnace burns cleaner than any gas or oil burning furnace.

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