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Combining artistry with technology to craft architectural woodwork


We're big enough to take on monumental projects with demanding deadlines and still make every client a priority.

Bring us your complex woodworking and design issues and we'll craft a lasting solution.

Mark Richey


Effective management across all MRW team members, contractors, and architects is vital to our success.

Our culture of ownership and accountability makes us unique.

Skilled craftsmen working with state-of-the-art technology create superior product.

Our clients deserve start-to-finish service.

Passionate about Craft

The creativity that your team brings to every assignment makes it a true collaboration. Whenever Mark Richey Woodworking is awarded a new project with us my team breathes a collective sigh of relief. We know that the shop drawings will be crystal clear and that the wood and adjoining stone or fabric or glass will be perfectly finished as planned. It is a great understatement to say that this combination of attributes is ‘uncommon’.

Carolyn Hendrie Bargmann Hendrie + Archetype, Boston, MA

Wood is a unique material. Astoundingly strong in relation to its weight, it can be bent, shaped, carved, sawn and sliced paper-thin. When properly finished, every piece of wood reveals a unique and natural color, depth, pattern and luster.

As craftsmen, we apply artistry and skill to transform wood into built environments that stand the test of time.

Our passion for wood and our obsession for quality shows through on every project.


The ultimate custom workshop.

From time-tested hand tools to state-of-the-art finishing equipment, we have the capacity and technology to meet the requirements of the most demanding projects. Within our 130,000 square foot facility, we transform your vision into an object of outstanding quality.

Greg Porfido Chief Operating Officer, Mark Richey Woodworking

Hand Tools

Our machinery does the basic sawing, milling and finishing, allowing our team to focus on the craft.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) 3-D software

We have advanced virtual modeling capabilities to take the most complex forms and assemblies from idea to reality.

5-axis CNC Router

We use advanced equipment to bring the best value and quality to our customers. With 5-axis routers, we machine complex shapes with efficiency and accuracy.

Bending and Forming

Curved work is one of our specialities. We use time-tested techniques and modern tools to coax wood into custom forms.

Robotic Finish Sprayer

This finishing machine is the first of its kind in the United States. It allows us to spray large quantities of product efficiently and consistently with the precision of the most skilled craftsmen.


Our automatic polishing machine produces perfect high-gloss finishes on both opaque and clear topcoats with speed and efficiency.


Everyone works together to make sure your experience as well as your project is exceptional.


We have a team of managers, craftsmen, engineers and administrators all focused on the common goal of working collaboratively to deliver your quality architectural woodwork on-time and on-spec.


We provide clear, thorough estimates. Starting with a thoughtful approach to understand intent, we develop creative ways to bring value to your project.

Project Manage

We communicate with clients and know every detail of each job. Our project managers act as a single point of contact for clients.

Draft & Engineer

Our engineers all have woodworking backgrounds and use the latest technology for 3D modeling and BIM coordination. We develop creative, practical solutions through collaborative brainstorming.


We are experts at sourcing unique materials, managing complex subs and meeting delivery milestones. Throughout the process, quality is always our top priority.


We have over 2,000 collective years of woodworking experience. Our unique team approach means that our craftsmen are cross-trained and have ownership, pride and accountability in producing quality work.


We augment careful handwork with the use of sophisticated machinery. We apply old-world and modern finishes of any type in a segregated, dust-free, pressurized environment.


At our climate-controlled shipping and staging areas, we ensure that all our work is prepared to arrive at its final destination in pristine condition.


Expert carpenters in the field make sure that every component looks its best and is assembled and fit to last.


We have won multiple awards for our safety record. The health and well-being of our team is critical, so we keep our facility safe through OSHA consultations and training, and by maintaining a clean and healthy work environment.