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Combining artistry with technology to craft architectural woodwork

Recent graduates from our Apprentice Woodworking Program

Posted on February 6th, 2023

Our recent graduates include Andy Mindel, Imar Matos, Adam Gallant. This rigourous, 1 1/2 year long program focuses on all aspects of woodworking, equipment and safety. 

Top photo: Imar Matos, Woodworker, Nick Gordon, Job Captain, Adam Gallant, Woodworker, Caleb Pine, Job Captain. Middle photo: Imar Matos, Adam Gallant. Bottom photo: Caleb Pine, Job Captain, Andy Mindel, Woodworker.


l: Imar Matos, Nick Gordon Job Captain: Adam Gallant, Caleb Pine, Job CaptainImar Matos, Andy MindelAndy Mindel